10 essential wordpress plugins for affiliate marketersWith most of the top hosting companies, you can get WordPress installed and configured to your domain with just a few clicks.

Most providers, however, don’t automatically install many of the plugins you need in order to get started with your affiliate marketing blog.

If you haven’t setup your site yet, you can find an out of the box solution (complete with plugins) when you use Wealthy Affiliate’s free website builder. Otherwise, go through this list to make sure you’ve got the basics installed on your site.

The 10 Essential WordPress Plugins

  1. All In One SEO. This plugin is a great help for anyone who doesn’t want to have to worry about the nitty gritty SEO details on every single page. It does things like setup your title and meta tags, and has options to connect your site to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Easy to use, and the default settings work extremely well.
  2. Akismet. Sooner or later, you’re going to start receiving spam comments on your blog. Akismet is a spam-guard to help protect against those annoying bots.
  3. Captchya. Captchya is another spam-check, forcing users to enter a captchya-code before submitting a comment. These are the “prove you’re human” codes that keep out bots, and works to keep spam down to a minimum.
  4. Google XML Sitemaps. Installing a sitemap plugin is a must-do to make sure that Google and the other search engines can see all of the pages and posts on your site.
  5. Feedburner. If your’e going to submit your blog to any website directories, setting up an RSS feed will automatically ping those sites when you add new content. This increases your exposure and helps get more links and traffic.
  6. Social Share Plugin. There are tons of social plugins out there, and it doesn’t matter which one you use as long as you use one of them! Let users like, share, tweet, or email posts right from your website.
  7. MailChimp. While there are a number of email subscription plugins available, MailChimp is one of the undisputed leaders. Even if you don’t have a list now, it’s still a good idea to get it installed and configured properly. The service is free up to a few thousand registrants.
  8. Google Analytics. If you’re not using All In One SEO, then the Google Analytics plugin is another great option. Just submit your UA-XXXXXXXX code and this app takes care of the rest.
  9. Google Webmaster’s Tools. Just like the Google Analytics plugin, this plugin makes sure your site remains verified and up to date in your Webmaster Tools, so that Google will index your content faster and more consistently.
  10. Easy Adsense. Finally, I like to include the Easy Adsense plugin as soon as I have 15-20 pages/posts on the site. This plugin lets you easily include and adjust the placement of your Adsense ads, so you can start earning a few extra bucks on the side.

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