high_pr_backlinksBack in the day, it was easy to improve search rankings simply by finding decent sites (eg: established websites with a page rank 3 or better) to put links on.

This ‘loophole’ in the algorithms led to enormous numbers of blog directories and article marketing submission sites that were glad to take your links.

As search engines have gotten smarter, finding top SEO backlinks has become more difficult, and the traditional tactics are no longer nearly as effective, and can even be detrimental to your site health.

This list of 20 high PR backlinks are sites that have stood the test of time. The point is not to submit your site for the purpose of generating another backlink (thinking with the old mindset of backlinks = rankings), but rather to gain exposure from sites that are continuously updated and frequently crawled.

I’ve already written about the basics of how indexing works and advantages of having a link on popular sites, so here’s a list of sites you should consider.

20 High PR Backlinks

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Pinterest
  5. Digg
  6. Yahoo
  7. WordPress
  8. Stumbleupon
  9. Feedburner
  10. Squidoo
  11. AllTop
  12. Ezine Articles
  13. Technorati
  14. Bloggernity
  15. BlogHub
  16. Street Articles
  17. RSSFeeds.org
  18. W3Sites.org
  19. Directory-free.com
  20. Blogfolders.com

Now that you’ve seen the sites, I want to clarify a few questions you might have about this list, and help you understand why I chose them.

Diverse Link-Types

Some of the sites, like the social media sites, allow your website links on your personal or brand profile, or in posts, while others, like the blog directories, will simply provide the link in a list of sites in your category.

Having a small, diverse set of links will increase your exposure in a way that still feels natural to the Googlebot eyes. We want diversity of site content (eg social media vs blog index), link-type (no-follow vs. do-follow), page rank (though I try to keep a minimum PR of 3), and exposure frequency (eg: profile links vs. rss feed updates)

Forget “Backlinking,” Think Exposure

The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t really matter what the specific link is, nor whether it’s a ‘do-follow’ or ‘no-follow’ link. That’s because we don’t really care about the “seo-value” of backlinks. I can’t state this enough:

The overwhelming majority of backlinks you build are unimportant, and possibly detrimental.

So, don’t build backlinks for the sake of backlinking. I think about it this way: if you think you’ve found a ‘good’ site that lets you get a free link relatively easily, don’t you think Google has found that site too? Even if not, they’ll certainly find it soon. So why bother?

Google crawlers still index and track no-follow links (how else would your webmaster tools tell you how many you have) they just don’t always ‘count’ them. But with these sites we’re interested in putting our site in front of Google’s eyes easily and consistently

Have you submitted your site to these 20 High PR Backlinks? Are you using a minimalist backlinking strategy, as I do? Post your thoughts below.