3 advantages of affiliate marketingOne of my absolute favorite things about being an internet marketer is that there are a ton of great advantages of affiliate marketing that you could never find in a normal day job.

In this post I’ll list my top 3 favorite reasons, and what you should do about them.

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#1: No Set Schedule

The first advantage to mention is that affiliate marketing lets you set your own schedule. You could work normal business hours if you wanted to, or you could squeeze in an hour here and there while watching tv.

The decision is yours, because you have total control over everything you do. Most website issues and tasks are not urgent, which by nature lets you easily manage them on your time, not someone else’s.

#2: Creativity and Passion

The second advantage is that affiliate marketing lets your individual creativity and passions shine through in your work.

This is an industry where there are opportunities in practically every field. That means you don’t have to be passionate about biochemical interactions or mezzanine financing structures in order to make a living. Whatever your passions are, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to turn them into a profitable web business.

Not only that, but it’s an area where your creative mind gets to come out to play: this manifests in the way you structure your web site and write your blog posts, which makes the day to day job fun a personally tailored to YOU. Read more about finding the right opportunity.

#3: Flexible Earnings

Finally, there’s an incredible opportunity with affiliate marketing to choose what you earn.

Unfortunately, most people don’t truly understand this concept. It doesn’t mean that you can decide to make $10 million tomorrow and be done with it all. Instead, I’m talking about an ability to make investments with your time that will pay out according to your level of commitment. Read this post for more details.

If you want to just work a few hours here and there, then you’ll be able to make a few hundred a month, but if you want to work full-time and treat it as a real business, building a six or seven figure income is a realistic possibility.

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