affiliate email marketing tipsIf you’re like most affiliate marketers, you’ve been working hard to build an email list, knowing that having an active, relevant email following is one of the best and most profitable actions you can take with your site.

But, once you have that list, how do you profit from it? In this post I’ll give you 3 affiliate email marketing tips to boost your profits for your next campaign.

Keep It Simple

Did you know that one of the leading causes of high bounce rates is visitor confusion?

Your email should have one and only one main purpose, and should leave no room to doubt what that purpose of the email is.

Don’t write a catchy headline only to write about a different topic in the email body. Unity and cohesion that draw a user from point A to point Z are what make many email campaigns successful.

Include a Call to Action

Before you write the content for your email, make sure you write down a single, primary call to action you want the user to take.

That is, if the user does 1 and only 1 thing, what do you want it to be?

Then make sure you convey that action to the user. For example:

  • Click here to learn more
  • Sign up for the free ebook

The point is active, directed calls to action. Read more about including a call to action.

Make It Clear Where Your Links Lead

Finally, I believe you should always be open and up front about where your emails are directing your user.

Users will naturally expect links to lead to your site, so if they lead anywhere (to an affiliate product, for example) you should be very clear where it goes.

Perhaps the most common example that illustrates this point is when you see some piece of information about a product and then a simple “Browse on Amazon” link.

This is almost always a better strategy than trying to get the user to click an affiliate link at any cost. While you might be able to “trick” a user into clicking an affiliate link, the important number you’re interested in isn’t the number of people who click the link, but the number of people who convert and make a purchase.

Making it obvious that you’re linking to an outside program helps weed out those useless clicks, and helps the users who are actually interested in making a purchase get to the right place.

For more information on using email to support an affiliate marketing site, check out the trainings at Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama.