3_affiliate_marketing_tricksAffiliate marketing is a huge industry, and there are a lot of different types of affiliate marketers out there.

In this post, I’ll give a brief overview of 3 affiliate marketing tricks you might not have used before. Incorporating these tactics into your site can have the potential to greatly increase your revenue and return on investment.

Trick 1: PPC Campaigns

Using PPC and other paid search campaigns to drive traffic to your site can be an excellent way to increase sales.

Incorporating this method into your marketing strategy can be tricky, however, and is not for the faint of heart. To do so well, you should already be at the level where you have clear data about when and how users convert from your site to an affiliate sale.

Having a clear idea of these numbers can help you calculate a potential rate of return for your PPC campaign before you begin, so you make sure you don’t end up spending money driving users that don’t convert.

Trick 2: Targeting Different User Groups with Different Posts

Another neat trick to help increase traffic and sales from your affiliate site is to target different types of users with different posts.

Using this technique, you can essentially create multiple portals from your site to go after related users that have different end needs.

For example, you might have a series of posts targeting “beginners” and a series of posts targeting “intermediates” for whatever topic your site is about.

You can leverage related but different keywords with clear titles to make sure you track the right user onto the right page on your site, increasing the chance of conversion.

Trick 3: Decrease the Number of Affiliate Links

This last trick is something that many users find counterintuitive, especially if they’re new to the game.

Having a large number of affiliate links spread out across your site can alienate your user by having them think you’re only trying to sell to them, while also lowering your rankings in search engines. Read more about finding affiliate link balance.

Instead, concentrate your affiliate links onto a smaller number of dedicated pages, and then direct users to those pages via your other content. This creates a channel wherein you can get the users that are more likely to convert onto the affiliate pages, and have a better conversion rate, while not alienating your other users…or Google.

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