affiliate programs beginners shouldnt useI see a couple of common trends among beginners who are eager to get started with internet marketing. Many of them gravitate towards one of several common niches that, unfortunately, require a little more skills to start seeing results.

In this post I’ll outline 3 affiliate programs beginners shouldn’t use.

By staying away from these niche areas, you’ll be more likely to see early traction more quickly, which will motivate you to find future success!

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3 Affiliate Programs Beginners Shouldn’t Use

Make Money Online

The first and biggest area to stay away from is the make money online niche.

Yes, there are plenty of people who make a lot of money marketing these products, but as a beginner approaching internet marketing for the first time the odds are not in your favor, for two reasons.

Firstly, you don’t know enough about how to make money online in order to create a good site. You’ve never done it before, you’re simply hoping to do it, which doesn’t really give you enough of a perspective to produce good content consistently.

Secondly, this niche is extremely competitive. It isn’t just the number of players in the field, it’s their level of expertise. Because this niche attracts people who have been successful online before, they know exactly what they need to do to promote their sites. If you’re still in the learning curve, you don’t really stand a chance.

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A second area to stay away from is website hosting.

This is an attractive niche because the payouts are fairly high, usually in the $50-150 range for a product that only costs the user a few dollars a month, and several of them, like Dreamhost, offer downstream commissions as well.

Whenever you’re making more than a 100% commission on a product, alarm bells should be going off in your head. The extreme competition among hosting companies has led them to create these incredible offers to attract affiliates.

Affiliates then come in hordes, making it a tough market to break into.


Finally, the last niche you should avoid is anything related to dieting.

Like the hosting and make money online niches, dieting tends to be extremely competitive.

Yes, it’s a huge market, and it could be a great opportunity for you…but not as a first site. Once you get your process ironed out and have been successful in a less competitive niche, then by all means, tackle one of the big ones!

But, you have to learn the basics first.