When you’re just beginning affiliate marketing, there are plenty of free resources at your disposal.

beginning affiliate marketing tricksWhile these often cover the basics of how affiliate marketing works and what you need to get started, they don’t always give you all the cool tricks you’ll learn later on.

In this post I’ll show you a few of my favorite techniques to jumpstart a site.

Ask for 5 Comments or Shares per Week

One thing you’ll learn very quickly is that search algorithms love social activity.

This comes in the form of both comments on your posts and social shares throughout the popular networks.

Eventually, these will come naturally, but when you’re starting a new site you can jumpstart the process.

While you don’t want to overdo it (which looks fake to Google and might have a negative impact on your site), asking a few friends to comment and/or share a page from your site is a good way to start building up that social karma that will help you rank more quickly.

Setup Webmaster Tools and Analytics from Day 1

Another mistake many newbies make is that they wait too long to setup their webmaster tools and analytics account.

I always setup both accounts from day 1 of a new site, even if that site still only has 2-3 pages of content. Then I forget about analytics and tracking for at least 3 months.

Setting this up early lets you capture data about every user that visits your site, and also tells the search engines when you’re adding new content.

You’ll be a leg up when it comes time to analyze data when it really starts coming in the next few months.

Ask Others For Feedback

Finally, many beginners are hesitant to show their sites to people in their niche before they feel its ready.

I disagree completely. While you might not be ready to reach out to your biggest competitor, you’ll probably be able to find a good forum or smaller blog to post to. This is one of the reasons I think joining a community is so important: you’ll be part of a group eager to help you learn.

The key is to post a page that is relevant to the page you’re posting on, and to be honest about wanting feedback. Sometimes you’ll get ideas you never would have thought of, which helps you find and focus on your real market more quickly.

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