examples_recurring_incomeAre you on the fence as to whether or not affiliate marketing works?

Do you scoff at all the “make money online” programs out there, thinking they’re all crap? Then this post is for you.

The truth is, recurring income freedom is easier than you think! You’re not going to earn thousands of dollars next week, but you will be able to build a sustainable business over time.

Note: this post contains examples of types of recurring income streams you can build online. If you’re looking for specific case studies, you should read this post with real life examples proving affiliate marketing works.

3 Examples of Recurring Income

Example 1: A Few Pennies A Day

The first example of a possible recurring revenue model is the pure volume model. The business model behind this idea is to produce a lot of high quality content, and know that some pieces of that content will before better than others.

This is a “spray and pray” model, and can work. The increased volume of material is compensated by the fact that it usually takes less time to complete and single post or page, so the earnings can work in your favor.

I go into this model in more detail here. The conclusion? In a year you could get to more than $600 in earnings per month based on just producing one page per day.

What if instead of 1 page a day you did 2 posts? Or 5? Or 10? You get the gist.

Example 2: Recurring Affiliate Promotions

The second example of recurring income is to use recurring affiliate promotions. With this model, a sale isn’t just a sale. It’s a repeat business that compounds over time.

If you promote subscription services using affiliate techniques, there is real and recurring income you could earn! If you made just 10 sales a month of a $20 recurring commission, after 12 months you’d be making $2400 a month!

Example 3: Create a Subscription Based Product

The other opportunity is to build a digital product or service offering that uses a subscription model.

This is “the other half” of the affiliate example presented above, but you’re on the other end of the equation. That $20/month commission above probably came from a product that sells for $50-80 a month.

Now imagine that you don’t just have 1 affiliate site making sells, but 10 or 100. Even a couple sales a month each adds up to a large and sustainable stream of revenue.

Of course, starting out with your own product can be difficult if you’ve never run a business online. Instead, you’re best off creating an affiliate site to learn the ropes of internet marketing and start your business that way.

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