write_without_targeting_keywordsI know that there’s a lot of information circulating around online about how to find good keywords and how to develop an optimal keyword strategy.

I want to make clear that I am a big proponent of using keyword targeted posts throughout your site, regardless of what industry or audience you’re writing for.

That said, I sometimes think that too much emphasis is placed on targeting keywords throughout every single page or post of a blog or website. While I do include a fair number of keyword oriented posts, I do NOT target keywords for every single post on any of my sites, and here’s why:

3 Reasons I Write Posts without Targeting Keywords

Keywords Can Sound Clunky

The first and perhaps the most important reason I don’t use keywords throughout the site is that when focusing on a specific keyword phrase or two, it’s natural to try to force the use of that phrase in places you otherwise wouldn’t.

That can make your content sound engineered or designed specifically to try to manipulate the search engine, and while you probably won’t get caught by Google if that happens once in a while, it will still sound clunky to a human reader.

That clunkiness can, in turn, alienate your reader, since it may come across as if you don’t know how to write and or do not know enough about the subject you’re writing about in order to make a clear and natural distinction of the phrases used in that industry.

Secondary Posts Don’t Need Keywords

The second reason i don’t always include keywords is because many times I will have a post that very naturally needs further clarification.

This happens all the time when I’m writing, and tends to result in small post-clusters that are all very closely related, but don’t fit well into one single post.

With this level of organization, the exact keyword phrase I’m using is less important, because my primary consideration for those posts is not simply to rank organically, but to provide a well-rounded experience for my reader that covers various angles of the topic and helps them solve problems.

I Write Faster Without Keywords

Finally, the third and perhaps least important but most practical reason I don’t always focus on keywords is that I can write significantly faster without them, helping me work through my affiliate process more seamlessly.

When I’m not trying to focus on incorporating a specific phrase into an article, i find my writing can flow much more easily, and I’m able to produce posts more quickly without sacrificing post quality.

I hope this article helps point out why I don’t always concern myself with keywords. There’s one further reason which I’ll divulge in the next post. Or, read more on the keyword secret no one wants to tell you.