increase_content_productionNow that you have a site up and are posting consistently several times a week, it’s time to consider doubling down and increasing your content production.

More content not only provides you the opportunity to answer more questions and solve more problems for your readers, it gives your readers a better chance of finding a blog post that is relevant to their specific scenario. Not only that, but the raw size of your site can be an important metric in the eyes of search engines.

Sign 1: You ALWAYS Meet Your Posting Schedule

Before you can consider upping the amount of content you produce, you need to consider whether or not you are able to handle the workload you currently have.

If you have a goal of posting once per day, but in reality only post around five times per week, trying to double your content and produce ten articles per week is likely to give you headache and frustration.

You need to meet the goals you’ve already set for yourself first, and then you can consider upping the ante.

Sign 2: You Have a Large Article Reserve

If you do consistently meet your objectives, but find that you don’t have any articles saved up for a rainy day, you may be skating on thin ice. Without a strong article reserve, all it takes is one hectic week or personal crisis to throw off the progress you’ve made, and get your blog out of its routine.

Building up your reserve first is also a good way of convincing yourself you can handle the extra workload involved with a more aggressive blog schedule. If your goal is to double your output and you’re able to successfully double your reserve with no problem, chances are you’ll be able to meet your new goals more easily.

Getting into the routine of writing more will set the stage for your success when you decide to “officially” implement the new schedule.

Sign 3: Your Articles are Always Awesome

If you do decide to up your commitment to your site, be sure that the increased production doesn’t come at the cost of quality. Maintaining high-quality content that is relevant to your readers should be your number 1 priority, since it is your reputation over the long run that will be a major factor in your blogs success.

If you can maintain the same level of your articles, then your production rate is the next thing to consider. More often than not there is a direct correlation between the number of articles you produce and the ultimate traffic that will be generated from those articles.

Your conclusion? Get writing!