affiliate marketing wordpress blogIf you’ve decided to start an affiliate marketing wordpress blog then one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you get your site up and running quickly.

Too many beginners get lost in the technical details of launching a new website and never get past the installation process. To avoid this, you need to make that process as easy as possible.

In this post I’ll give you 3 tips that will get you live and online TODAY.

Starting An Affiliate Marketing WordPress Blog Quickly

Quick and Easy Installation

The fastest and easiest wordpress installation I’ve found comes with Wealthy Affiliate. This is a great option for new affiliate marketers because not only do you get your site up and running in about 4 clicks, but you’ll have access to an entire introductory course and training as well.

If that option doesn’t sound right for you, read this post for more details on the setup process.

You’ll have to buy a domain, find a hosting provider, and then connect the two together. It’s fairly straightforward, but if you’ve never worked with websites before the Wealthy Affiliate option is way easier.

Installing Plugins

I recommend that every new affiliate marketer includes this list of WordPress plugins on their blog.

Once you’re inside WordPress, installing these plugins is straightforward, just search for the plugin and then click “install” and then “active,” and you’re good to go.

These automate a lot of the annoying but necessary details, like preventing spam, submitting your site to Google, etc.

Basic Structure

Finally, when you’re just starting out, don’t worry too much about your global site structure.

The most important thing is to publish a post. As you get more familiar with blogging and begin to refine your goals for your site, you’ll have a better understanding of what you should include in your primary navigation, categories, tags, etc.

For now, just delete the “Welcome to WordPress” comment and sample page, and get a post published!

That feeling of getting your first original content online is extraordinary, and it’s a major step on the way to having complete financial freedom.

Congratulations! If you worked through those steps then you’re already well on your way.

If not, click here for a more detailed free course to get started.