learn_affiliate_marketing_for_freeOnce you know you’re ready to start building an affiliate marketing site, there are several options available to you in order to help point you in the right direction.

In my opinion, your best option is to sign up for a comprehensive training course, but if you’re intent on trying to learn affiliate marketing for free, this isn’t always an easy option.

In this post I’ll provide 3 ways for you to improve your skills without breaking the bank.

Blogs and Such

The first is to keep doing exactly what you’re doing now.

There are plenty of blogs dedicated to affiliate marketing, and if you browse through many of them you’ll find more than enough information to get started. Check out the Ultimate How To Affiliate Marketing Guide or this free 6 week schedule for two examples.

There is a huge disadvantage to the Google-it-yourself route: confusing information.

If you’ve never navigated the waters of online marketing, you might be in a little over your head. There are lots of different theories and methods about the “right” way of marketing online, and trying to sort out bits and pieces of each individually takes a long time, and will give you a big headache.

A better option is to pick one approach to take and learn it completely, which leads me to method #2.

Find a Mentor

There are plenty of established affiliate site owners who are more than willing to take on beginners as proteges.

While the majority of these will want to charge you per hour, you can find free options if you’re willing to give up a percentage of your site earnings in exchange for the mentor’s time.

This can be a great win-win for both parties, since the mentors are then extremely motivated to help you succeed, and you don’t have to pay for anything until you start seeing real results.

The downside of this is that any one mentor or coach may not be able to give you a full picture of the affiliate marketing landscape, and might gear you too heavily towards their own personal biases.

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Free Trainings

Finally, the best route is too sign up for one of the free beginner affiliate trainings.

Wealthy Affiliate wins my top-slot, since they provide a complete intro course that gets you from knowing nothing to having the foundation of a good website up and running in just a few lessons.

Click here to read more about this program.