tips to write compelling contentAre you struggling to get your blog off the ground?

Learning to write compelling blog content for an affiliate site takes time and practice, so if you’ve been working on a website for at least a couple of months and have yet to see any significant traffic or rankings, don’t get discouraged.

In this post I’ll share a few tips you might want to try.

5 Tips To Write Compelling Blog Content

  1. Don’t focus on keywords. While it’s important to include a well-researched keyword or two into most of your blog posts, far too many new bloggers become obsessed with the idea of “targeting” a specific phrase throughout their post. My suggestion is to set it and forget it, writing your post for a real person rather than a search engine.
  2. Don’t write a sales pitch. Affiliate sites make money from sales, which means you should Always Be Closing, right? Wrong. The reality is that while you do need to write some sales related content, the overwhelming majority of your site is not trying to actively sell a product.
  3. Tell a story. While most professional blogs aren’t “personal,” it’s important to make sure that your content contains your individual voice. You can accomplish this through active storytelling and sharing your opinion, without making the content all about you.
  4. Include a call to action. Most users won’t take direct action from your posts. You can increase your conversion rates by writing engaging content, which includes specific suggestions for actions the user should take. Read more on including a call to action.
  5. Answer questions well, but not too quickly. One of the overlooked causes of high bounce rates is actually not that the user was turned off by the site, but that they found the answer to their question immediately, and had no further need to continue reading. While you shouldn’t deliberately lead your reader on, you can work to find a balance that lets you provide the right answer to a reader’s question while keeping them on your site.

I hope this tips help you lower your bounce rate and increase your interactivity and sales for your affiliate blog.

What other techniques do you use to keep you blog compelling?

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