5 ways to spot an affiliate marketing scamIt’s ok to be skeptical about earning money online.

With so many affiliate programs out there, you’re bound to come across a few less-than-reputable providers, and unfortunately an affiliate marketing scam isn’t always easy to spot.

In this post I’ll provide 5 things to look out for before you start promoting a company or product.

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What To Look For To Avoid an Affiliate Marketing Scam

  1. It sounds too good to be true. The first point is simply to use a little common sense. If a program is offering you commissions that seem too competitive, there has to be a catch. Anything above a 50% commission for a digital product or 20% for a physical product should raise some eyebrows.
  2. There are no case studies. Many reputable affiliate programs will provide user case studies or reviews about their program. These aren’t product reviews, they’re reviews by other affiliates. If you can’t find any on the company’s site, spend a few minutes googling other blogs in the niche, and see how many you can find promoting the product or service.
  3. They don’t provide conversion data. To me, conversion data is a must-have characteristic of any new affiliate partner I consider. I want to know two things: how well affiliate clicks convert to sales, and what the average commission per sale is over time. Click here to learn more.
  4. They have high minimum payouts. This is where many new affiliates get into trouble. Nothing is more frustrating than earning commissions and watching the credit “sit there,” unable to cash it out until you make more sales. The lower the better, but a $100 minimum payout is fairly standard.
  5. Their tracking is questionable. Finally, one of the most difficult aspects to assess for a prospective affiliate partner is how well they track their links. This is an essential aspect, since the tracking is what is going to give you credit for referring a sale. You need to be clear on the tracking policies for any affiliate, before you start. Read more about tracking here.

I hope these points help you avoid affiliate marketing scams. If you want to learn more about getting started with affiliate marketing, check out this post.