Personally, I think the most challenging part of starting an online business doesn’t actually have anything to do with launching a website or actually running the business.

It has to do with your psychology and motivation.

If you talk with anyone who’s had any decent amount of success online, by which I mean anyone who truly has given up their “9 to 5” and earns a full time living running a few websites, it quickly becomes clear that there is a single decision that lies at the heart of their success.

Many people, myself included, dabble for years. I know I thought about trying to make money online for a long time before I ever got started, and then I dabbled, working a little bit here and there, for years, without ever really trying.

Then one day, something changed, and I decided to commit to “making it” online.

I gave myself a deadline of a few months to start earning enough to live full time. I simply had to make it work.

And you know what? Just about everyone I know who’s been successful with affiliate marketing tells a similar story.

Like I said before, so many people think about running a website business, starting to earn a little money on the side, and many people even take the first steps to doing it. But that’s where the overwhelming majority of people stop.

They try it out for a week or a month and then decide they were scammed  and no one actually makes money online unless it’s selling other people on the idea that they can make money online.

Not only is that 100% incorrect, it’s also somewhat naive. Ironically, the “make money online” industry is one of the most difficult fields to make money with, probably because everyone and his brother tries to do it, but that’s a subject for a different post.

I’ve made a “full time income” (by which I mean enough to fully support myself financially) from sites ranging from books to music to safety gear. Yes, The other day, for example, I made a commission from Amazon for a $15 blues clarinet book.

Did that sale make me rich? No, but my point is that sometimes the obscure, off the beaten path topics can add up.

The broader point is that you just need to get started. There is so much opportunity out there right now it’s unbelievable. Companies are literally desperate for marketers to help them promote their businesses, and they’re willing to pay for it!

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