greatness_quoteI wanted to take a break from the normal instructional material today to provide a little bit of motivation.

I found this great quote, attributed to Zig Zagler, the famous motivational speaker, author, and salesman:

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

I love this quote because I think it sums up one of the core aspects of affiliate marketing, or any endeavor really: we are constantly improving. What we think is good one day we might not think is great the next, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you take action and strive to reach your goals.

Just Start Writing

For those of you who have been thinking about starting an online business of any sort, I’d like to encourage you today to STOP THINKING and JUST DO IT.

All you have to do to be successful online is to start writing content around a focused theme. So here’s your task list for this afternoon.

  1. Decide on a Niche (take no more than 15 minutes).
  2. Setup a WordPress website (you can start one for free in one-click using Wealthy Affiliate’s website builder).
  3. Write 1 page of content (no more than 1 hour).

This content will NOT be perfect, but that’s ok. It’s ok if your first page doesn’t ever get ranked in the search engines because you haven’t learned anything about SEO yet.

What matters is that you started doing. By taking action consistently you will succeed. By maintaining a positive focus you WILL SUCCEED.

So get out there and start your new business TODAY!

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