affiliate competition basics for new marketersCompetition, competition, competition.

It’s all many online marketers talk about. They do a few searches in their niche and see Amazon or Walmart popup in the first slot, only to get discouraged from pursuing their business.

Instead, if they were to just learn a few affiliate competition basics, they would know there’s plenty of room to build a successful business among the giants.

What Most People Don’t Understand About Affiliate Competition Online

Most new marketers simply don’t understand the immense power of the long tail.

It’s impossible for any business, no matter how big, to effectively address every single search opportunity within their market.

Even if they could, they’d still be only 1 listing in search, leaving plenty of room for others to grab some traffic as well.

This means that there is plenty of room for you to enter almost any niche, and still make a profit. That’s one reason why websites are extremely profitable.

To illustrate, I like to use the example of the corner store.

The Corner Store Example

Wherever you live, you probably have a small local market or convenience store nearby.

These stores make a full time living selling products that aren’t innovative or special, but they’re things that people need and want all the time.

Can you imagine the business owner thinking: “Well, I’m not going to sell Coca-Cola because all of the big supermarkets already sell it!”

No, because it doesn’t matter how many other stores sell it. What matters is that the people that walk by his corner every day, or that stop in his gas station every day, are people who want to buy the product!

Now let’s take that analogy one step further: if that business can be profitable getting traffic from only one street corner, don’t you think you could build a website that could be profitable getting traffic from all over the world?

Your “street corner” is your long tail keyword. And you can set up shop on as many keywords as you’d like!

That’s the beauty of affiliate competition.

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