affiliate_income_onlineIf you’re thinking about trying to earn affiliate income online, it’s important to make sure you have all of the right data in front of you before you begin.

Here are a few things you should consider before you start a new affiliate business.

Affiliate Income Online Is Alive and Well

In a study sponsored by Rakuten Linkshare, one of the top online affiliate networks, Forrester Research estimates that the total, worldwide affiliate income online will grow to $4.5 billion by 2016.

That means that affiliate marketing is not “dead,” as some naysayers would have you believe, but is in fact alive and well. There are tons of examples of affiliate success stories, and the number of people running profitable affiliate businesses continue to grow.

My personal opinion, which is confirmed by the Forrester study, is that brands are increasingly realizing the important of affiliate marketing for targeting long tail keywords that can bring in huge numbers of potential new customers.

Affiliate Income Is Real and Sustainable

One reason that many people have started to claim that affiliate marketing is dead is because of changes that have ocurred after the last two search algorithm updates. Post Panda and Penguin, Google has begun to weight size and longevity of websites more importantly, which means that the micro-niche sites that were making a ton of money in previous years lost a lot of revenue.

This is only one type of affiliate marketing, however, and it’s important to place it within the context of an evolving ecosystem.

What this shift really means is that it’s harder to profit from rinky-dink scam websites trying to game Google’s algorithms, and easier to profit from high quality websites built for the long haul.

For anyone interested in building a long term, sustainable business, there are plenty of real online income opportunities out there.

Where To Learn More

Your best bet for running a successful affiliate business and earning affiliate income online is to make sure you have the right knowledge, tools, and techniques at your fingertips.

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