Successful StrategyAre you at the early stages of building a web business and trying to figure out if affiliate marketing is worth it?

Have you read conflicting reports of success and failure online and are trying to sort the good from the bad?

If so, I’ve got news for you: affiliate marketing is a web-based business strategy that works.

In this post I’ll show you why.

Built On Solid Business Principles

Firstly, affiliate marketing business on built on solid business principles.

As long as you know what you’re doing, you’ll be building a business that has a solid revenue strategy from day 1.

Internet marketers excel because they’re able to find and fill in gaps in the market. This is possible within just about any industry or topic area, and creates a clear business need.

In short: they find holes where there’s little (or no) supply, and lots of demand.

That’s pretty much the definition of a good business.

Growth Is Predictable

Secondly, affiliate websites have an extremely predictable growth pattern.

Sure, you might get lucky or unlucky from time to time, but in general, if you master the basic principles of affiliate marketing, you’ll be able to build a site that follows a clear and consistent pattern.

The first few months will be a growth phase in which you won’t have a lot of revenue, but then you’ll see a strong uptick in traffic and sales.

That uptick will plateau (at a reasonable level) for another few months, and then you’ll see another spike, with a higher plateau.

From there (roughly the 12 month mark), you’ll see consistent and stable growth over time. Read more about how websites grow over time.

That’s an easy investment decision in my mind.

Proven Track Record

Finally, affiliate marketing, as a whole, has been growing strongly over the last decade, and now accounts for a nearly five billion dollar annual market.

The overwhelming majority of that market is dominated by small website owners, not large corporations. That means that this is a business that a lot of individuals are able to build on their own.

I am certainly living proof of that. Read my story of how I started out with affiliate marketing in this post, or see other success stories.

I’m not trying to brag. The point is that this is a business that’s accessible, and I’m by no means the exception to the rule.You can see more examples of affiliate success here.

If You Do One Thing

If you do one thing that will make a huge impact on your business’ success, it’s to sign up for this free training.

That’s because I want you to see for yourself that you, too, can build an affiliate business that works.

Don’t fall for another make money online scam. That free course, provided by Wealthy Affiliate, will walk you through the process of getting your own website setup, and teach you the basics that you will need to have the same success I’ve had.