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1. You have to be an expert to make money as an affiliate marketer.


FALSE. While there are “expert” affiliate marketers out there, most affiliates are individuals just like you. Not only that, but remember that even the experts had to start out as beginners, so don’t be discouraged!


2. It usually takes 3-6 months before you see your first affiliate income from a new site.


TRUE! Not understanding the timeline it takes to get started is one of the biggest reasons new affiliate sites fail. If you decide to become an affiliate, stick with it!


3. Affiliate marketing is a scam.


FALSE. There are scams everywhere, but affiliate marketing in general is definitely not a scam. Read more on examples of success if you’re interested.


4. Affiliate marketing is easy.


TRUE! The basics of affiliate marketing are not that difficult, but to be successful you need to be serious about developing a business. It’s easy, but it takes a lot of time and effort to see significant results.


5. You can make money in almost any industry.


TRUE! The reality is that practically every industry out there has a ton of affiliate programs you could choose from, and there are always long tail keywords you can take advantage of.


6. Competition is extremely high for most niches.


FALSE. Competition is high for some niches, but not all. Some areas, like finance, insurance, web-hosting, or making money online are extremely competitive, but there are plenty of other areas that aren’t. Do your research before you begin, and you’ll be just fine.


7. You need to be an expert in SEO to be successful as an affiliate.


FALSE. “Expert” is saying a lot. Yes, you do need to know the basics of SEO and how to do keyword research, but that’s a far cry from becoming an expert. You can learn the basics quickly and be on your way in no time!


8. Knowing HTML and CSS is essential to success.


FALSE. Knowing a little bit of HTML and CSS certainly can help you, but it isn’t a prerequisite. If you use WordPress or another blog platform, you don’t need to know anything about coding. If you’re interested, however, you might want to consider reading about HTML for bloggers, or a free code school course.


9. It’s possible to be a successful affiliate marketer without having your own website.


FALSE. While I suppose technically it is possible, it’s very uncommon to achieve any real success as an affiliate without having your own site. Don’t worry, setting up a new website is not too difficult, you just need a domain and hosting plan, as well as a WordPress account.


10. Anyone can learn the basics of affiliate marketing fairly quickly.


TRUE. Affiliate marketing is not particularly difficult, it just takes a little practice and, most importantly, dedication to do it right. Anyone can learn the techniques, so if you’re getting going with your business, I recommend you invest in an affiliate training course to make sure you have the skills necessary, or click here to find the best free training!


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