In the last tip we talked about how you can leverage individual offer contests in order to boost your earnings. With the worst case scenario, you make a sizable number of sales and earn cash through the offer, but under the best case, you’ll be among the top performers and earn extra cash giveaways.

The same philosophy holds for today’s tip, which is closely related. Rather than take part in a contest, you can simply take advantage of network wide bonuses and incentives.

How It Works

Like a contest, this strategy often comes with a fixed timeline. Many networks, especially the CPA Networks, offer performance incentives if you can hit XYZ milestones and earnings targets within the first Y days of joining.

new affiliate bonus

“Sign up today and earn $5,000 in commissions within 90 days, and we’ll pay you a $1,000 bonus”…that sort of thing.

This is great, because you don’t have to compete against anyone to get the bonus, and you can usually use any offer on their system to hit your mark, which means that you can promote multiple offers.

Make a mere $350 a month for 3 months from 5 different offers, and you’ll grab the deal. Breaking it down like that helps tremendously.

The problem is that many new affiliates don’t yet have the skills to hit these marks and they often only apply to affiliates new to their programs, which means the bonuses all too often sound great on paper, but don’t end up paying out.

My solution? Hone your skills with one or two networks, then push it to the next level to take advantage of a sign on bonus from a different network. There are enough of them out there you could repeat this process quite a few times.

Where To Find Them

They’re all over the place, but are most often concentrated on the CPA (cost per action) world.

Any of the big players in the CPA space will likely have one of these ‘new affiliate bonuses’ up for grabs. That’s because there’s a lot of competitions among these different networks, many of which find they have some of the exact same affiliate offers as their primary competitors.

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