Ever heard of impression based marketing? Also called CPM (cost per mille, or cost per thousand) or even just casually referred to as “display,” these programs aren’t likely to make you rich.

They can, however, boost your revenue, especially if you have a decent amount of traffic coming through your site.

How It Works

cpm adsCPM ads are run through a providing network, which manages and distributes the content to your site. All you have to do is insert a snippet of code where you want the ad to show, and they do the rest. That makes it a truly “set and forget” way to boost your income.

Common places to put the ads include before-content headers, intra-content ads, or sidebars. You generally get paid per view, per page, which means that using multiple ads per page will double your “views.”

It also means that this strategy will work best if you have a content strategy that requires users to flip through multiple pages. For example, having top 10 lists that force users to click to 10 pages to see each item in the list, will effectively increase your page views by 10x the amount you would have were each of those items to be listed in a single page.

The downside is that your earnings per page view are extremely low. It depends on the niche, but expect to earn as little as $0.50 per thousand visitors, up to $5-10 per thousand if you have a high value, targeted niche.

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Where To Find Them

These networks are all over the place. Clicksor, Bidvertiser, and Clixsense are two big ones, and even Amazon recent entered into the space.

If you have the traffic, you can also register for others, like Outbrain or Taboola, which have traffic minimums. The higher traffic you have, and the better quality that traffic is, the more and better networks you’ll qualify for, which will allow you to boost earnings.