affiliate programs with 100 percent commissionsIn the last post of our affiliate marketing tips series, we talked about the benefits of earning a 50% commission on the products you sell, but what if that’s not enough?

What if you imagined a world where you could earn not just 50% of the selling price, but 100%.

Sound too good to be true? Who would pay you 100% commission just for promoting the product. Remember you, the affiliate, don’t have to spend any time or money actually building or developing a product to sell, that’s kind of the whole point, so why would someone pay you every penny they make?

Believe it or not, these products do exist, and they’re not as rare as you might think.

Why it Works

In order to understand why this business model makes sense for the owner of the product, you need to understand a little more about how the online ecosystem works.

You may have heard the old mantra that “the money’s in the list,” which means that the best way to monetize your traffic is to build a list of email subscribers, who you then have as a database of people to whom you can send product offers.

While this technique has become slightly less important with the increased intelligence of ad-retargeting algorithms, there’s no denying that it still is, and will continue to be an important tool for many online marketers.

If your business model is built around developing large, targeted email lists, then, the idea of providing a 100% commission offer makes perfect sense.

The owner of the product is essentially trading you the 100% commissions of the product in exchange for the email of the customer. But these aren’t just any emails either, these are emails of individuals who are ready and eager to buy products in the niche!

Nothing demonstrates a high quality lead like a lead that has just purchased a product in the niche. Typically, when you see these 100% offers, the owner of the product will immediately begin marketing other products to the user, including upsets and other related products.

Sometimes, as the affiliate referring the customer, you’ll even get a percentage of these downstream offers as well.

Where To Look

You can find these 100% commission offers on a lot of websites, but one of my favorites is JVZoo, since there seem to be a disproportionate number of these types of offers on their system compared to many others.