We’ve already talked about the ability to find 50% commissions in an earlier post, but today’s tip has another variant on that technique and is great for intermediate to advanced affiliates.

The concept: use paid advertising to promote a product that pays out in instant commissions, and reinvest the earnings immediately to continue scaling up your campaign.

paid search affiliate marketing

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How It Works

The trick here is to incorporate knowledge of how to run a profitable paid advertising campaign. If you look for affiliate products that provide you a 50% or higher commission for referring customers, you have the ability to be more competitive on paid advertising than the actual product owner.

Why? Because when you split the earnings 50-50, the product owner will still have additional operating costs for developing or maintaining the product. Even in cases where those operating costs are minimal, it still allows you as an affiliate the opportunity to outbid the product owner, and get more customers in the door.

The second half of the equation revolves around the instant commissions. With cash in the bank, you can continually increase the breadth and depth of your campaigns, running a cash flow positive system that cranks out the cash.

Where To Find These Programs

If this is a strategy that interests you, you’re best off working with one of the large affiliate networks like MaxBounty, Peerfly, or Neverblue.

While many small affiliate networks and individual companies offer payments on Net-30 or Net-60 day terms, the larger companies are willing to offer up to Net-7 payment terms, and provide you a line of credit agains the earnings in your account.

This means you only have to front the first week of costs for the ad-campaign, and then you’ll have a self-perpetuating system in place!