Recommendation: Recommended

Price: $1 Trial, then $67/month

Course Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Niche Profit Classroom earns it’s space as the #3 best affiliate training program for a good reason. Like Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama, my other two favorite programs, Niche Profit Classroom has extensive materials and an active community developed around it.

However, the main reason I rank NPC highly is because it provides a distinct approach that is quite different from the “traditional” affiliate marketing programs out there.

The Niche Profit Classroom Approach

The philosophy behind NPC is that the best way to earn money from affiliate sites is to target a number of hyper-niches. Whereas other courses focus on developing a small network of sites and focusing your energy on one or two primary gateways, NPC argues that the key is rapid development of dozens, if not hundreds of websites.

This approach has had success over the years, which is why it isn’t uncommon for you to see “” crop up near the top of search results. While that site might only get a few thousand visitors a month, it creates a hyper-targeted niche that, when paired with an appropriate affiliate product group, can bring in consistent profits.

In order to achieve this, you, the webmaster, need to take a software-focused approach centered around automating many of the tasks to building your site. The goal is rapid prototyping and low-maintenance work.

The Bad

The NPC approach is not without its costs. The biggest risk in my mind behind a micro-site approach is Google’s trend towards favoring larger, more comprehensive sites. The latest search updates have diminished the importance of “shallow” sites.

NPC owner Adam Short addresses this problem, noting that the goal is not to produce 1-2 page spam sites, but content-rich sites that are simply hyper-targeted (and thus more relevant) than their larger counterparts.

The Good

The clear benefit to the NPC approach is the idea of creating a large portfolio. This counteracts the concern above, because it almost doesn’t matter if you have a few low-performing sites as part of your network.

The sheer volume of production will naturally give you some sites that perform significantly better than others. The idea is that, just as you wouldn’t invest all your money into 1 or 2 stocks, you shouldn’t invest all of your resources into 1 or 2 websites.

The other strong benefit to this approach is the act of systemizing practically every action into a clear and defined process. This feature not only makes the process repeatable and scalable, but allows for automation at a number of points along the way, and NPC provides just the tools you’ll need at each step.

the niche profit classroom review

Why I Recommend Niche Profit Classroom

At the end of the day I think NPC is a great program for beginning and intermediate internet marketers. I believe it’s really important to have as many tools at your disposal when you’re working with internet marketing, and (at the very least) NPC provides great exposure to a different approach than you’ll get with most other courses.

In addition to excellent trainings, classes, and blogs, there’s an extensive membership community, and the membership includes use of many of the software tools Adam advocates throughout the program.

The result is a course that lays out, step by step, the process of how you can earn money with hyper-niche affiliate sites.

Watch the video below for more information, or redeem your $1 trial.

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