What Is The Amazing Selling Machine?

amazing selling machine reviewAmazing Selling Machine is a program offering training and live event teaching programs where you can build businesses by selling physical products. The program was developed by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark which costs about $3,497 for upfront buyers and for installment buyers. It costs $997 which is to be paid in 4 payments. In deciding to go for the Amazing Selling Machine, you get to receive the following:

  • 8 week online training
  • 1 year access to tools in growing your Amazon business
  • Single admission to a live event in Las Vegas for 3 days
  • Lifetime membership to its community and forum

What’s Good About It?

Amazing Selling Machine gives various advantages to those who seriously want to get into commerce but doesn’t want to get into the hassle and stress of creating and building their own website. With this program, you get to access valuable information, training lessons and various tools that you can use to grow your Amazon business and to get income. The courses being provided in the program are quite detailed as each lesson explains the different business segments across various industries along with key strategies.

How About the Cons?

When it comes to the downside, you can easily pinpoint the main one- the price. Compare to other affiliate marketing opportunities online where you do not have to spend a lot, Amazing Selling Machine is really expensive. Imagine you have to pay more than $3k for upfront members. Although they have an installment plan, the cost is still hefty and not all marketers are willing to shoulder that costs. On a positive note, beyond just the price, there are no other negative feedback and comments regarding the program itself.

Final Conclusion

With the price tag attached to the program, is Amazing Selling Machine worth the money?

If you want to get into commerce through Amazon, this is a good program that can help you achieve your business targets and goals. The program provides in-depth and comprehensive resources that you may find really useful and effective. H

owever, if you have financial constraints, of course there are still other alternatives that do not require huge investment but can still deliver you the results you want. In the end, you will just have to weigh the options but to me it almost doesn’t matter how many success stories they claim, for several thousand dollars I’d rather invest directly in my business.

Overall: not worth it.