display ads hurting salesFor most affiliate marketers, including Google Adsense (or other display ads) on your site is a no-brainer decision made without a lot of thought.

After all, ads give the user an extra option to click on, and thus could be a way to earn more money from your site, right?

Yes and no.

In this post I’ll go into more detail on when not to include Adsense on an affiliate site.

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Consider The Negative Points

The first step to evaluating your Adsense placement is to consider whether or not the presence of those ads is actually hurting your bottom line.

In my opinion, this question is far too often overlooked, since the idea of “easy” extra money with Adsense seems appealing.

Instead, I encourage you to take a step back and think about the implications ads might have.

  1. They provide a potential customer an extra outlet to leave your site, and
  2. They can sometimes make your website feel spammy and promotional.

Let’s look at each aspect in more detail:

Losing Potential Leads

Ads, especially targeted ads promoting products relevant to your main site content, come with an inherent risk that you will lose your customer before you have a chance to make a sale.

If the reader is in the 90% of your site traffic that will never buy anything from you anyway, that loss is ok, and puts a few extra cents in your pocket.

The danger, however, is that you’ll lose a relevant, high potential lead to an ad.

Is it worth it to make $0.50 when you lose the potential of a $20 or $100 sale?

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Secondly, including a lot of Adsense on your website can make your users drop-off even before they’ve had a chance to read 3 lines of your content.

There’s a high correlation between bounce rates and quantity of ads. Generally, users are accustomed to having some promotional content on a website, but that content is often best restricted to a few well-placed ads, rather than those that absorb the main real estate of the page.

The good news is that determining whether your users are fleeing your site because of ad placement is easier than determining whether or not you’re losing potential sales. The key is to constantly test new ad placements, and gradually improve your ad placement and performance over time.

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