attention_new_affiliatesThis post is for all the new affiliates out there.

It’s really short and sweet…or not so sweet, as the case may be:

Stop checking your analytics already!

Less idle looking, more consistent action. That’s the key to success online!

Why Analytics Accounts Are Evil

Understanding the analytics behind your affiliate site is extremely important. It will help you understand your user behavior and optimize your pages and site structure so you can increase your revenue.

But, analytics are evil.

They’re evil because they’re so GD addicting.

How many times have you checked your analytics account this week?



If you answered anything above 1 then you’re spending too much time worrying about your results, and not enough time working to achieve them.

How Often You Should Be Checking Your Google Analytics

Honestly? Once a month.

I know you’re going to check it more than that though. It’s ok, I’m guilty too, but you really only need to be checking your analytics once a month.

Unless you have a site that gets many tens or hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, checking it more often really isn’t going to do anything.

Don’t Be Swayed By Insignificant Data

The risk is that by looking too frequently at your data, you run the risk of making assumptions that really aren’t true.

You need a minimum of a few thousand clicks in order to begin to have enough data to make clear decisions.

Deciding that you’re going to change your layout because 1 of the last 20 people made a purchase from your site isn’t an informed decision. It’s a guess.

Don’t Waste Time

Just as importantly, endless analytics checking wastes enormous amounts of time.

I know that the actual act of checking your data only takes a few seconds, but the real time-killer is that you’re constantly distracted, thinking about what results have come in, and what you should do about them.

Sit back, relax, and stick to your schedule.

That’s the best way to see results.

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