earn_10_dollars_per_clickA lot of new online marketers ask me about how to calculate reasonable earnings for their sites.

One question that comes up over and over again is whether or not they can earn 10 dollars per click, and if so, how.

In this post I’ll answer this question, and also talk about why I don’t think it’s the best way to approach your revenue strategy.

Can You Earn 10 Dollars Per Click?


There are plenty of programs out there that will let you earn 10 dollars or more per click. There are even niches where you can earn that much from Google Adsense alone: forex trading, credit cards, and other financial products are the first group that come to mind.

In the affiliate world, there are literally thousands of programs that will pay more than 10 dollars for you to generate traffic, but there is a catch.

Why Earning 10 Dollars Per Click Isn’t a Good Goal

The catch is simple: while you can earn 10 dollars per click, there’s no way you’re going to be earning 10 dollars for every click.

Focusing on earnings per click is only half of the equation when you’re thinking about how to succeed online. Smart website owners don’t care about the earnings per click number, so much as they care about the relationship between the per click number and their conversion rate.

Think of it this way, which of the following two business scenarios is more attractive?

  1. You earn $10 per click, with a 1.0% conversion rate.
  2. You earn $1 per click, with a 12.5 % conversion rate.

With the first scenario, you’ll make about $100 per thousand visits to your site. With the second, you’ll earn $125 per thousand visits. Which would you rather have?

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Looking at the Entire Traffic to Revenue Cycle

You can even take this one step further when you start to think about the level of competition out there for your niche.

Forex and other financial niches, while they pay a lot of money and can be extremely lucrative, are insanely competitive. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they’re one of the most competitive niches in the online marketing world.

That means that even if you build a killer site and have it setup to earn $10 per click, your earnings could pale in comparison to a mediocre site in a less competitive niche, where earnings per click are far lower.

That’s because generating significant traffic in these competitive niches is very difficult, and it can often be easier to generate more traffic at lower payout rates than to compete against the big guns.

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