earn_money_onlineIt’s ok to be skeptical about the prospect of making money online.

A healthy dose of skepticism will keep you from falling for get rich quick schemes and scams asking you to shell out hundreds of dollars on a whim, for a program they’re not willing to prove will actually work.

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So, can you really earn money online?


The Truth About Earning Money Online

Earning money online is just as possible today as it was 10 years ago, and is probably even easier than it used to be.

That’s because all of the technical barriers have virtually disappeared, and it is now easy and incredibly inexpensive for anyone to start a new website, without any prior knowledge of computers, programming, or how the internet works.

The Hype About Earning Money Online

Unfortunately, one of the reasons so many people are skeptical about real online business opportunities is because there is so much crap floating around about how to make a gazillion dollars in less than a month.

The reality is that for the overwhelming majority of people, the only way to generate decent cash flow in less than a month is to take a paid job. These are jobs online where (just like in the offline world) a company pays you for your time and/or your work.

You write a blog post, you earn $20. You design a new logo, you earn $500. Things like that.

While these are valid ways to earn some extra cash, that’s not what most people are thinking of when they’re thinking about online income. For that they’re referring to developing a residual stream.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but money doesn’t grow on trees, and you can’t just start printing residual income in a month.

It is possible, but it takes time and effort.

How You Can Really Earn Money Online

If you want to know the truth about passive income, it’s not really a secret. It’s plain old hard work.

Consistent action is the only way you’re ever going to be able to get started with an online business. That’s because action is the key to success in any business, online or off.

The difference between online income and traditional jobs is that your work online has the ability to turn into residual income.

That means that once you get over the hump and start to see real income returns, your earnings are only going to compound, and you’ll still be making money from work you did months or even years ago.

However, this type of income is only possible with certain types of online businesses. Don’t expect to start a freelance consulting firm or a part time job working for another company and expect to see long term results.

To generate residual income, you need to own your own website. You can read this post on getting started with WordPress, or click here for a free step by step training that will help you get a website live in just a few minutes!

In short, online income is possible, you just need to take the leap of faith and learn how to get started.