If you’ve recently linked your Google+ profile to your blog, there are two really great ways to check Google Authorship is set up correctly. Here’s a quick guide:

Why You Should Check Google Authorship Is Setup

check google authorship verify google authorship is setupThe basics are simple: by using your Google+ profile to link to your blog, Google Authorship helps index your site faster and make sure that content displays well in search results.

While you can setup your Google Authorship in just a few steps, it can take several days or a week to filter through to actual search results.

In the meantime, there are a few ways you can check to make sure you’ve setup your google authorship account correctly.

Two Ways to Verify

Use the Structured Data Tool

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool is the fastest way to ensure your site has been updated with the correct Google Authorship information, and check to see an example of how content is displayed using the tool.

Note that this tool only returns sample data, which is randomly chosen, if you’re looking for a specific page, you’ll have to perform a site search for more specific results.

Use Google Site Search

Use Google’s site tool to search for pages on your own site. From your Google search bar, entire your domain using “site:” as a prefix. For example, for this site I would search site:affiliate-101.com. Using the www prefix is optional.

Once you search, you’ll see a list of your website’s pages show up in search results. If nothing comes up, your site probably hasn’t been indexed yet, so you’ll have to wait a few days first. Otherwise, you can tell your authorship is setup correctly if the search result contains your image and name included within the search listing.

Remember that it can sometimes take a few days to a week for your information to filter through, so if you’ve just set up your profile or your site is new, it’s best to wait a few days before you check Google Authorship is working properly.