top six figure careersOne of the reasons I’m always optimistic and encouraging for beginning online marketers is because it consistently stands out among the top six figure careers as something that is accessible to anyone.

It’s one of the rare fields where you can build a six figure income without any formal education or experience.

Let’s Compare Top Career Options

In order to get a full picture, first let’s look at what it takes to earn six figures in a few other careers:

  • Doctors spend 4 years in school post-undergrad, and another 3+ years working for next to nothing.
  • Lawyers spend 3 years in school before going into internships, and then on to lucrative positions.
  • Computer Programmers spend thousands and thousands of hours perfecting their craft, with new languages to learn and relearn all the time.

Each of these not only require a ton of time to learn, but they also require you to accumulate a lot of debt in tuition fees.

So yes, that “introductory” law job is $115,000 a year, and the young comp sci grads can make $80k right out of college, but is it worth it?

Online Marketing Is Easier

Compared to the top six figure careers above, online marketing is much, much more attractive.

Rather than spending years in school, accumulating massive amounts of debt, the best way to earn online marketing is simply to start doing it.

You can get good beginner courses for next to nothing, and as you teach yourself the requisite skills you’ll be building a business that will start paying out very quickly.

Which Would You Choose?

I’ll give you a choice:

7 years and $250,000+ in debt or a few months and profitable business skills for life?

To me, the answer is obvious.

If you’re curious as to why this all works, click here.

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