create_blog_website_ideas_that_sellAs much as you may love producing blog content, developing a successful affiliate site is all about earning money from your efforts. While it takes a little practice to create blog website ideas and concepts that have the potential to earn significant income, the good news is that the process is scalable and repeatable.

Once you have a firm grasp of the primary characteristics of an affiliate marketing niche, Here are a few tips for coming up with high-potential blog topics.

Develop Multiple Ideas

One of the main mistakes many people make when starting a new affiliate blog is that they immediately dive into the first niche idea that comes to mind. While you may ultimately decide on that niche, it is important to make sure that the niche has high potential, compared to other topics you might consider.

That is, given that you have a list of topics, you should decide which one has better odds of earning money, compared to the opportunity cost of missing out on a different idea.

You can’t make this decision, however, unless you’ve already done the keyword research and competition research for multiple topics, and can compare facts side by side.

Think About Your Daily Actions

If you’re having trouble coming up with interesting ideas, try putting yourself into your reader’s shoes. What type of niche groups are you a part of? Even if you’re not a ‘member’ of any groups, your daily actions are part of a potential niche:

  • Do you play any sports?
  • Do you play an instrument?
  • What was the last book you read?
  • Do you have kids? What activities do they participate in?

Developing this list is essential to building a successful long-term business, and these ideas may come over time. I personally keep a running list of any potential businesses/websites in a notebook, and then when I’m starting to create a new blog or website, I first consult what ideas I’ve had in the past.

Check Your Search History

If you still can’t think of any ideas, check your browser search history. Chances are you have at least half a dozen solid niche ideas waiting for you, based on actions you have personally just completed! Open up your search history for the last month and peruse the websites you’ve visited, and queries you’ve searched:

  • What topics have you googled?
  • Was it easy to find the answer you wanted?
  • How many searches did you perform on that topic?
  • How often did you search on the topic?
  • Did you buy any products after looking up the information?

This process should yield another batch of ideas for a niche site. Once you have the list of concepts in place, you can start to narrow and refine the list to create blog website ideas that sell, and choose an affiliate niche you’ll be happy with in the long run.