debunking_affiliate_mythsIn this post I’m going to debunk one of the most common affiliate myths out there: the idea that all affiliate programs are scams.

As a professional online marketer, this misconception really bothers me, especially because it stems from misinformation that’s floating around online.

Here are a few reasons why internet marketers are NOT scam artists:

Scam Artists Are Easily Detected

To put it simply: creating scam websites and nudging people to buy products they don’t need is bad business.

While admittedly there are some marketers who try to do this, they are fortunately the small minority of internet marketers, and their success is based on continuously moving from one product, website, brand, and company to the next.

Marketers who follow this model are really just shooting themselves in the foot. They can’t build enduring success because most people can spot marketing scams before they buy. The site will in turn get bad reviews and people will shy away from it, distrusting any information provided.

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Affiliates Have Flexible Product Choices

Another main reason I always point out as to why internet marketers are not scam artists is to mention that affiliates have a massive number of niches they could write on and an even larger number of potential products they could choose to promote.

The result is that most affiliates only prompt products that they believe in. Unlike ‘traditional’ marketers who are forced to promote a specific product for their employer or client, affiliates have the opportunity to be unbiased reviewers.

It doesn’t matter if they review one product negatively, or outline pros AND cons of the product clearly, because successful affiliate marketing is about finding the right product for the individual reader.

Product A might be right for one person and Product B might be right for another, while Product C is terrible and should never be used. Affiliates can be honest about this, because they have the option to promote multiple items.

Most Product Purchases Are Recommendations Anyway

The final point to consider is that the overwhelming majority of purchases made in this country are based on recommendations. Sometimes those recommendations are tracked (as they are with affiliates), but most of the time they aren’t.

Think about it: what was the last movie you watched or the last new restaurant you tried? How did you hear about it? Chances are, you went because someone gave you a favorable, personal opinion.

That’s all affiliate marketing really is.  Click here to read more.