make_money_from_home_onlineIf you want to make money from home online, the act of building a web business isn’t hard.

The knowledge and skills required to be successful with Internet marketing, and affiliate marketing in particular, are remarkably easy to learn.

The most challenging part of being successful isn’t knowing how to build the site and convert users into sales, it’s developing the confidence that will let you get started.

What Happens If You’re Not Confident and Committed

I want you to promise me something.

If you decide you really want to make money online, I want you to commit to trying for a minimum of 6 months. Committing to a year would be even better.

All too often, I come across talented individuals and would be entrepreneurs who are “kind of” interested in building a source of passive income.

That means that while they would obviously love to have some extra income coming in (who wouldn’t?), they’re not confident enough that they can actually do it, and don’t want to waste their time and never earn any money.

The fact is, this mindset will only set you up for failure.

Here’s what happens:

  1. You’re not confident you can success, but you find a cheap trial offer and decide ‘what the hell’ I’ll give it a whirl.
  2. You spend a month or two excited and working on your project.
  3. Your introductory trial offers ends and you haven’t made any money yet.
  4. Because you haven’t made any money, you decide that all online opportunities are scams.
  5. You give up without realizing just how close you were to success.

Most blogs fail because they don’t persevere. If you’re going to be one of those people, don’t even bother trying.

Why Confidence and Support Matters

Let’s look at the same situation with someone who has a little confidence.

  1. You sign up for some free classes to ‘get your feet wet’ and learn what you can.
  2. You spend a month building your site, and you realize that the work is relatively easy, and that you can do it if you work step by step towards your goals.
  3. Eventually, you upgrade to a premium version because you know you can succeed if you commit to improving your knowledge and skills.
  4. You keep working through that lull in month 2, and in month 3 you earn your first commissions. Now you have real money in the bank. It’s probably only a few dollars, but it’s enough to keep you motivated.
  5. You stick with your project and you begin to see your earnings grow month after month. By month 6 or 7 you’ve paid for the course you bought, and by month 9 you’re making a sizable side income, while working in your spare time.

What a difference a simple attitude can make!

If you think you can be in that second group, the group that has a little faith in themselves and in the methods you’ll learn that will teach you to be successful, click here.

If not, stop wasting your time.