authority_site_strategyAuthority sites differ from niche sites largely in the size of the website and the breadth of content covered. If you’re looking to expand your affiliate niche into a broader site, it’s important that you develop an authority site strategy for your business before you begin expanding.

In this post, I’ll go over a few tips and points to consider before you begin.

Synergize Niche-Groups

The best way to build an authority site is to first start with a niche. Usually, if I’m starting out with a brand new site I want to eventually build into an authority site, I narrow my industry approach to 3-5 niche topic areas and focus on those niches to begin.

For example, if I’m going to build an authority site on Italian travel and vacationing in Italy, I’ll need to brainstorm a few related sub-niches first. I can then combine these niches in a way that provides synergy for the site. For instance, I might break the site into city or regional niches:

  • Rome Travel
  • Venice Travel
  • Florence Travel
  • Milan Travel

Or I might break the site into activity-based niches

  • Best Pizza in Italy
  • Italian Wine Tasting
  • Italian Art Museums
  • Archeological Sites in Italy

For each approach, it’s still important to group niches based on commonalities. I might refine the first list, for example, to focus on hotels or day-trips from each city. Using the second list as a starting point I might group the first two topics: “Best Pizza in Italy” and “Italian Wine Tasting” into a ‘fine-dining’ theme, or the second two topics into a ‘history and culture’ theme.

The point is, I would choose niches that are related to each other first, since it’s your best bet of making an income with an authority site.

Read on to discover how to build an authority site from scratch.