negative_product_reviewsIncluding negative product reviews on your site is an important and often overlooked part of being an affiliate marketer.

The reality is that a lot of products and services being promoted online are complete crap. Depending on your niche the percentage of bad resources out there might be more overwhelming than in others.

It’s important to always be honest with your reader. Providing straightforward, unbiased reviews is always the best option, even if it means tearing apart a few product offerings.

Benefits of Negative Product Reviews

The way I see it, there are two extremely important benefits to including negative reviews on an affiliate site.

Buyers Are Often Leery of Scams

The first reason is to connect with your readers. Many buyers are often searching for product reviews to confirm their suspicions about a product. In other words: some readers are looking for you to tell them it’s a scam.

Confirming your reader’s instincts is an excellent way to develop an immediate, down-to-earth relationship with them.

But just because a user expects a scam review for one product, doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity for you to address what they’re really searching for.Remember that they’re still looking for some product to buy, they just need to find the right fit. Being upfront when a product isn’t the right fit can work wonders.

Make Primary Reviews Look Better

The second reason to include negative reviews is to balance your site.  Balance is key on many fronts, from balancing affiliate pages and information pages to balancing the types of products and types of reviews included on your website. In fact, carefully placed negative reviews on your site can often lead to higher conversions for your primary products. Read more on how to turn a negative product review into an affiliate sale.

Just as there is no good without evil and there is no light without dark, no positive review can really be positive without a few negative reviews to counter it.

So I’ll ask again: do you have negative product reviews on your site? If not, I recommend you go out and create one right now.