What conversion rate are you currently getting from your affiliate site?

how to write affiliate content that sellsAre you stuck earning $10-20 per thousand users, or do you consistently earn $100 or more per thousand visits?

Learning to write affiliate content that sells is a subtle art that takes practice and experience.

In this post I’ll share a few tips on how to spruce up your affiliate sales pages to increase your conversions. You can check out more content tips here.

How To Improve Your Affiliate Sales Pages

  1. Include 2 affiliate links. This first point is one of the most important. I like to include 2 AND ONLY 2 affiliate links on my main sales pages. One at the top, usually within the first 4-5 sentences, and one at the bottom, as a clear call to action. If you include more the page begins to feel spammy, and only including one link could make you miss out on those previous clicks.
  2. Personalize the page. Your job as an affiliate is not simply to present the product. If your user wanted technical specifications he could just go to Amazon. Instead, your users are looking for real life thoughts and opinions on the product before they buy. While you should definitely include references to the main selling points within your product review pages, don’t forget to make it personal by sharing your own thoughts and experiences. Be specific about why you did or did not like the product, and then let the user make his own choice.
  3. Test the layout. If there’s one group of pages on your site you should constantly test, it’s your sales pages. Small tweaks in the layout or design of the page can often lead to big differences in sales.
  4. Don’t include other ads. While I think that having display ads on your site is an easy way to increase your overall earnings, I tend to shy away from including them on my main product review pages. Ads are distracting, and give your user an opportunity to click off of your site just at the point when they were ready to click an affiliate link.
  5. If you didn’t like the product, recommend another. Finally, don’t hesitate to include negative reviews on your site. If you didn’t like a product you’re reviewing, that’s ok. But, be sure to recommend the user to what you feel is a better product, and be sure to explain why you think that product is better. That level of honesty is exactly what your readers are looking for, and can pay off in a big, big way.

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