coffeeshop millionaire scamIf you’re looking for ways to start earning money online, I really hope you don’t fall for the Coffee Shop Millionaire scam!

Unfortunately, this program has received a lot of positive attention over the last couple of years, but in my experience the program is a complete scam. I’m convinced any positive review out there has to be by one of the founders, their friends, or someone that is financially benefitting from promoting the program.

Is Coffee Shop Millionaire Legit?

Absolutely NOT!

This program is a total scam from the second you watch the introductory video.

Crazy Claims

While they do state in their advertising materials that you won’t strike it rich overnight, the entire rest of their marketing seems devoted to convincing you that you can easily become a millionaire with this program.

Even the title suggests that you don’t really have to do anything! Just sit back and have a cup of coffee, while your bank account overflows with money! It’s absolutely ridiculous.

They do even go so far as to claim that you can make thousands of dollars within the first few weeks of the program,

To anyone who is even remotely familiar with how online businesses work, that’s a completely unrealistic expectation.

There is no magic bullet to earning money online. There are, however, clear methods that you can follow to build wealth over time.

Don’t believe any claims trying to convince you otherwise.

Hefty Price Tag

The other really scummy aspect of the program is the pricing. The program advertises itself as $37 a month, which seems reasonable enough until you sign up and realize that the $37 only buys a small fraction of the actual program.

There are upsets galore, most notably the “Guru” system for an additional $300. Factor in that you’ll still have external costs in building your website, and it’s easy to spend $500 before you even start focusing on your actual business!

No Support

Finally, the program has absolutely no support whatsoever. There’s no community of other members, and any questions or support claims you might need will most likely go unanswered.

Please stay away from this program. If you’re looking for a legit way to earn money online, you should check out this free course from Wealthy Affiliate.