dont try to convert every website userAttention affiliate marketers!

I have some news for you:

Not every visitor to your site will convert into an affiliate sale.

It’s shocking, I know. We’d all love to have a 100% conversion rate, but it’s never going to happen. The reality is that if you can break 10% you’re doing well.

The implication, however, is a little less obvious: you shouldn’t even try to convert every visitor. In this post I’ll outline why.

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Starting The Funnel

Every company has a sales funnel. Regardless of whether you’re running an affiliate website working for $10 commissions or a multi-national law firm with $100,000 retainers, you think of your sales process like a funnel.

You start with a wide net, and gradually narrow down your prospective leads until you convert a small percentage of those leads into customers.

To me, taking this approach with my online marketing sites helps me think about the process a little more clearly. You can read more about the affiliate sales process in this guide.

Getting Rid Of Irrelevant Traffic

The first result that this mindset brings is that, rather than attract as much traffic as possible, I only want to attract the right kind of traffic.

No matter how targeted the content on my site is, I’ll inevitably get a lot of traffic that simply isn’t relevant to what I’m trying to promote, or the broader trajectory of information that my site is dedicated to providing.

This means that rather than cultivate every visitor, I actually want to get rid of the irrelevant traffic as quickly as possible.

I don’t want to “waste time” with leads that are never going to convert into sales. Sometimes that comes in the form of direct communication, and sometimes it comes in the form of analyzing statistics and data that, really, is irrelevant.

If I can narrow my funnel as quickly as possible, I’ll be better at targeting the right visitors.

Converting The Right Visitors

Once you discount the large base that will drop off immediately (this might be your site’s global bounce rate, or it might be users that drop-off after viewing X pages, never making it to your real sales pages), you can focus on optimizing your site for the right visitors.

This means that your traffic is more relevant, so the data you can extract from their visitor experience will better help you convert more of them to sales.

By focusing only on the right visitors, your site becomes less spammy, more targeted, and, ultimately, much more profitable.

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