earn_a_six_figure_incomeMany new affiliate marketers don’t truly realize the earnings potential that this business has. I believe it’s one of the best opportunities to earn a six figure income online, and you can go from $0 to six figures in only 1 year!

4 Ways to Earn a Six Figure Income

Traditional Six Figure Careers

Before I look at what it takes to earn a six figure income online, I want to put it into the perspective of some other careers:

  • Lawyer: 3 years of study post-bachelor’s, starting salary around $100-120k.
  • Doctor: 4 years of study post-bachelor’s, 3-7 years working for $50k, then a salary range of $150-300k
  • Business: varies greatly, but usually minimum of 3-5 years working before you hit the $100k mark.

Online Business Careers

So if all of these professions take years before you can start to earn a six figure income, why is it that affiliate marketing (and online businesses in general), can do it so much faster?

The answer: scale and compounded results

  1. Scale: Online businesses scale extremely well. Whatever amount of work it takes to create something (a new website, a digital product, a piece of software etc), that work is roughly the same whether you’re going to sell it to 1 person, 10 people, or 10,000 people. Add that to the fact that there are billions of possible online searches to target, and you’re looking at enormous profit potential.
  2. Compound Results: The second reason online business can earn money more quickly is because unlike the above professions in which you’re paid monthly based on your work, with an affiliate business your past efforts continue to work for you. That means that while your first few months you won’t be earning very much, by the time you get to the year mark, you have 12 months of results working together every month! Read more on an example of how compounding works with affiliate marketing.

What It Takes To Earn a Six Figure Income Online

Now that you understand a bit about why earning a six figure salary online is possible, it’s time to look at what it takes to earn that after only a year’s worth of work.

$100,000 annually comes out to $8,300 a month, or $273 a day. You can do this with one site or a portfolio of smaller sites (read more about niche vs. authority sites), but either way in order to get to this level, you’re going to need to put in a lot of work.

To earn six figures in one year, there’s no question that you’re going to have to work full-time. If you make $3-5 per article, per month, you’re going to need to write between 1,600 and 2,700 articles that year! This is definitely doable. If it takes you roughly 1 hour per article, 2,000 hours (and 2,000 articles) would be an average of 40 hours a week, the same as any standard full time job.

The Amazing Benefit

However, what these numbers don’t show is what happens to your business after the first year.

Those articles that you worked your a** off for in year 1 continue to produce traffic and generate income!

This is the true magic of affiliate compounding! Just think: if you could earn $100,000 annually after year 1, what could you earn after year 2? or year 5?

The best part is that affiliate marketing is easy to learn. You can even start for free.

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