earning_extra_income_ideasA lot of people get stuck when they’re trying to figure out how to make money online. Most people think that there’s only a few good opportunities available and that you have to hone in on one of them in order to be successful.

This is simply not true. There are virtually endless real online income opportunities available to you, and in this post on earning extra income ideas are presented with the intention of getting you to stop thinking about starting an online business and start taking action to do it!

3 Ideas for Earning Extra Income

  • Promote a physical product using Amazon
  • Sell a digital subscription program
  • Find a product on offervault.com or clickbank.com to promote

You can accomplish all of these by developing an affiliate marketing site on a targeted niche. Create content. Generate traffic. Get sales!

Read examples of specific topics in my post on free niche ideas.

How to Develop Your Own Ideas

In order to be successful online, you’ll need to have your own website focused on a targeted product area, or niche.

The trick is, while someone else can give you suggestions about what you might write on, the way to really be successful is to write on a topic that you already know a lot about and, hopefully, is something that you’re passionate about.

To come up with the niche ideas that work for you, take a minute to brainstorm 5 passions you have. These may be topics that interest you, or hobbies you already work with.

Then, write down a list of the last few products you purchased online.

Think about how the first list of your passions and hobbies relates to the second list. Can you come up with other product ideas in your niches that could be sold online? If so, you have the basis for getting started.

Next Steps to Earn Extra Income

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of how you’ll begin and where you might want to focus, it’s time to learn all the details.

The best investment you can make in your future is in your own education. There are lots of great affiliate training courses for you to choose form, but my personal favorite is Wealthy Affiliate, which actually lets you start for free.

Sign up from this page to receive a free introductory course via Wealthy Affiliate!

There’s no better way to get started earning extra income online!