earning_more_money_requires_passionSo many people are trying to figure out how they can earn more money from their job or home business. They look outside to websites and programs that claim to offer the solution when really they need to be looking inside to what drives them on an individual level.

Earning more money isn’t about finding “the one perfect job” or “the best opportunity” it’s about finding the right fit for you, personally!

Here’s why:

Earning More Money Isn’t Actually About Money

Wait…what? How is it possible that earning more money isn’t actually about money? Isn’t money an essential ingredient in, well, earning more of it?

Yes and no. What I mean is that money cannot be your primary motivating factor. Money will motivate you only so long as it comes out of a position of pure necessity. Consider this:

  • You need $100 by the end of the week in order to buy food for your kids.
  • You’re going to lose your house if you don’t come up with an extra $1,000 next month

Those are examples of true necessity, and for that, the need for money itself will motivate you to do whatever it takes to earn more money.

But, most of us aren’t in that position. Yes, we might be scraping by, but just by virtue of living in a developed Western society, having a roof overhead and knowing where your next meal is coming from, you’re already better off than 75% of the world.

So What Motivates You?


Finding passion and meaning in what you do is going to be the force that gets you from a short burst of: “yes I need money so I”m going to start this business” through the long days ahead.

You’re going to be building this business every week for the next year. You’re going to need to get up and work on days when you’d rather sleep in and watch tv. If you’re working with a topic you absolutely love, you’re far more likely to overcome those days and push through to the bright ones ahead.

Thinking about money isn’t enough to get you through the sandbox, but passion is.

Consistent, Small Steps

In order to earn more money from your passion, you need to be taking consistent, small steps.

What can you do right now to turn your passion into a side income stream? What about a full income stream?

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