Email Marketing for Affiliates: Tips and Best Practices

If you’re going to get serious about building an affiliate marketing business, there’s no question that you need to become proficient at email marketing, and learn how to use it to drastically increase your affiliate earnings. On this page we’ll go through a few basics to get you started working with email lists and marketing products through email.

Why Use Email Marketing?

The first question many beginner affiliate marketers have is whether or not they need to use email marketing in order to be successful.

While it is certainly possible to make money online without using email marketing, I and every single super affiliate I know (that is: affiliates making $10k+ per month) actively use email marketing to engage with and convert their website traffic.

sieveThe reason is quite simple. Without capturing your traffic and building a targeted list, users are likely to bounce (aka: run away from) your website and you’ll never see them again. All of that effort you spent to get traffic, and most of it will walk right out the door!

Another way to think of it is that an affiliate site without lead capturing and list building strategies converts its traffic like water through a sieve!

In other words, without email marketing, you’re going to be leaving money on the table…a lot of money.

When To Start Building Your List?

The next most common question from beginning affiliates is not whether they need to start working with email marketing, but when is the best time to do it.

Some bloggers like to wait until they already have a decent amount of traffic coming in the door before they get started, but I take the opposite view. I like to get my websites set up with an email list as soon as possible! Often, I’ll do it within the first week of starting a new website, but always within the first month.

Like I said before, not setting up the list is just throwing away potential customers. It doesn’t make any sense. Even if you only get a handful of users signing up within that first month, it still makes sense to go ahead and get it set up and capture those users!

Best Practices: Provide More Value than Pitch

One of the biggest pitfalls that new marketers make is that they view their email lists as a source of random cash whenever they need it. In other words: they spam their lists with incessant product offers, and, consequently, find they have difficulty building a strong list.

In order to be effective with email marketing, the principles are much the same as affiliate marketing more broadly. You need to provide more value than pitch. Everyone can smell a sales pitch a mile away, and unless the person already knows and trusts you (which they won’t, at first), they’ll sprint for the hills.

By providing value first, you’ll build your authority in your niche. Then, when you provide a carefully selected recommendation for a product, your users will know that you know what you’re talking about, and will be more likely to sign up for the offer.

#1 Tip: Start Early and Make It Automatic

Ok, so maybe this is really two tips, but we already talked about the importance of starting to build your email list from day 1 earlier in the post.

The reason it makes sense to start early on, even when you only have 4 subscribers  (thanks for signing Grandpa up Mom!) is because you can set up an automated system that will allow you to “on-board” your new list members.

All of the major email marketing platforms, including Aweber and Mailchimp, will have the option to run “automation” or “triggered” campaigns. Basically, you can set up a series of emails to go out based on different conditions. If you sign up for my free email course, that’s exactly what happens.

I do still recommend you take the time to send out manually written updates at least once a month, but the automation is great to get people the same content at different levels of their own growth and/or engagement with your website!