Whether you know it or not, choosing your email marketing management system is one of the most important decisions you make when you’re starting out with email marketing.

Most people pick a platform somewhat randomly, and then never change, simply because they learn the first one they come into contact with. After all, they all do mostly the same thing, right?

In this post I’ll take away some of the mystery; we’ll take a hard look at Aweber vs Mailchimp vs Constant Contact and I’ll show you how to decide which of these three main platforms is right for you.
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Aweber Review

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Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact vs Mailchimp vs Aweber: And The Winner Is?

As I noted above, the right system is really going to depend on your individual needs. If your number 1 concern is saving startup costs, I recommend Mailchimp. That’s what I used when I first started out, and it was good (and free) for basic campaigns through their “free for life” starter plan.

The downside is that the free plan doesn’t include a lot of functionality, and if you want to segment your lists or automate campaigns, it’s probably not the right option for you.

Constant Contact, while a robust and feature rich system with great customer support, loses out mainly from their less-competitive pricing structure and less user-friendly system. In fact, a 2015 poll showed that 75% of businesses that had used both Mailchimp and Constant Contact preferred Mailchimp.

My #1 Choice: Aweber

However, the real winner in my mind is Aweber. It has a generous free trial period that gives you access to the entire system (not just one or two features like the Mailchimp free version) and it’s both easy to use and easy to scale up as your list grows.

Even though I started out with Mailchimp, and have played with Constant Contact, ultimately I landed on Aweber, and with good reason. It’s feature rich, competitively priced, and, in my view, easier to use.

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