Ryan Lee has become moderately famous in the internet marketing world recently, not the least of which for his program Founder Fly.

This program has a lot of hype, but I wasn’t convinced at first look. In this review I’ll take an inside look into Founder Fly by Ryan Lee, and help you decide whether this program provides you with the right tools you need to do internet marketing correctly.

What Is Founder Fly and Who Is Ryan Lee?

founder fly by ryan lee reviewFounder Fly is a membership site created by Ryan Lee. The creator designed the site to help entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses and earn income. What this all-access network gives you is that you get to access different products being offered on the site. Every week, there are new set of videos that you can find really useful for Internet marketing.

Through this membership site, you can acquire various techniques and strategies from publishing ebooks to PPC advertising which you can use to promote your business and to start earning more income.

Pros of Founder Fly

In trying out what Founder Fly can offer, it has its share of pros and cons. For the pros, Founder Fly offers a relatively cheaper price when it comes to the materials and support that you can receive for your business. It provides you with 30 videos that are easy to understand and to follow perfect for beginners to highly advanced marketers and business owners.

On top of the comprehensive materials, you can also get help since the program has a large online community. Any question or concern that you have can easily be answered. There is also no need for upsells and when it comes to refund, all clients are entitled to 60 day money back guarantee program.

Cons of Founder Fly

As with other membership sites, Founder Fly has its downsides. Although the videos have quality content and are very easy to understand, some of these are quite old. For those who are not into watching videos and presentations, they might easily get bored. When it comes to the refund, they offer guarantee program but in order for you to get the refund, it may take some time.

Conclusion: Is Ryan Lee an Internet Marketing Genius?

I don’t think so.

For a cheap price, Founder Fly is a good program that you can use to generate income. But just like any other Internet marketing programs available, there is no such thing as overnight success. You cannot get instant success right away. But with this membership site, you get to access tools, materials and support that you can definitely use to your advantage to further build your business and to generate income.

That said, this program does have a few scammy aspects about it. It’s certainly not my top choice and if I were you I wouldn’t waste my time with it.

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