I’m pleased to report that Jaaxy.com, one of my favorite keyword research tools, is offering free keyword searches for new users.

Jaaxy provides a professional, comprehensive suite of keyword tools that makes SEO research incredibly easy. I primarily use their keyword search tool, which prints out a nicely formatted table of related keywords, monthly searches, estimated traffic, and even competition and SEO-ranking data!

I’ve always been a firm believer that keyword tools should be free, since most of the companies out there just scrape existing free sites (read: Google) and display the same information you could’ve gotten on your own.

At least that used to be the case. Since Google changed their Keyword Tools yet again last fall I’ve become increasingly frustrated with their setup.

(quick gripe: not only do you now have to be logged into Adwords, but you have to “pretend” you’re setting up a new campaign just to get monthly search data, and they moved the competition data to another table!)

So, I ended up trying Jaaxy and have been really impressed with their setup. Their primary search feature is worth it’s weight in gold, combining the information I would usually get in 3 steps down to one simple click, with further keyword suggestions handily presented as well.

Save yourself some time. Dump Google. Check out the Jaaxy free trial.