smart_dogIn this post I’m going to tell you about my favorite free make money online course: Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a must-try program for anyone interested in learning about how to make money with affiliate marketing. Because it’s free, you can sign up and explore everything they have to offer with no obligation to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Unlike many other “free” options out there, this is not a free trial, but rather a free basic membership, so you have no limit on how long you can be a member and access the trainings and community.

About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the leading providers of affiliate training programs out there.

They provide a comprehensive course that takes you day by day through the process of launching a successful affiliate marketing business.

Each course consists of 10 lessons, each with video trainings, written trainings, community support, and specific tasks you can complete to make sure you’re on track to earn money as quickly as possible.

For more information on exactly what’s included in the program, you can read the Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best Free Make Money Online Course

There are a lot of reasons why Wealthy Affiliate stands out among the crowd.

One of the main pluses in my mind is the extremely active community and extraordinary examples of success by other members within the program.

This is excellent encouragement to anyone just starting out, and proves that the process Wealthy Affiliate teaches can be used by anyone. You don’t need to have any previous experience with affiliate marketing, nor even any experience working online. This is a proven, easy to learn system.

The program has such a high success rate because it includes access to tons of information, including two main course paths you can follow as well as additional trainings and webinars, many of them taught by experienced and successful members of the community itself.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a great community-centric feel, which provides motivation and encouragement as well as experience and knowledge, so you can feel free to ask any question as you’re building your business and you will get responses the same day.

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