free_niche_ideasToo many people get hung up on finding the perfect niche for their site and never actually implement anything. They get stuck, before they get started.

The purpose of this post is to list out a few free niche ideas so you can start to get an idea of how to narrow down an industry into a niche. You’re welcome to use any of these niches for a site, but the most important takeaway is to apply this approach to finding the niche that’s right for you.

Think in terms of Industry -> Subject -> Topic.

Industry 1: Sports

Subject 1: Baseball

Potential Niches:

  • How to find a good little league program for your child
  • Types of baseball bats and when you need them
  • Becoming a successful pitcher: what and how to practice
  • How to convince your wife to let you watch more baseball games

Subject 2: Golf

Potential Niches:

  • How to drive the ball farther and more accurately
  • Tips on choosing the right club
  • Where to find golf courses that don’t cost a fortune to play
  • Best golf vacations
  • Exercise and Golf: How to Lose Weight through Golf

Industry 2: Health and Wellness

Subject 1: Dieting

Potential Niches:

  • Dieting after pregnancy
  • Dieting for patients with heart disease
  • Staying motivated through your diet
  • Best 30-Day diets

Subject 2: Exercise

Potential Niches:

  • Exercising after retirement
  • Building muscle for men in their 20s
  • How to teach your kids about exercise
  • Exercising at the office
  • How to find time to exercise

Industry 3: Entertainment

Subject 1: Video Games

Potential Niches:

  • Best video game systems
  • Best video games for educating children
  • Video games with professional e-sport leagues (choose one)
  • Video game careers

Subject 2: Board Games

Potential Niches

  • Best family-oriented board games
  • Best board games for drinking games
  • How to build your own board game


I hope this list provides a good set of examples for you to draw on. Again, while you’re free to use any of these site ideas as you wish, the real point of this article is to see multiple examples of how to narrow an industry down to a subject area, and then types of niche ideas that might result from a given subject area.

I also hope you realize just how specific a given niche can be and that just about anything can become a successful niche. There is always room to expand a site later, or to adapt a 2nd related niche to your original topic, so don’t worry about choosing a topic that might appear to small. The bigger mistake is choosing a topic that is too large. For more information, read my article on how to choose an affiliate niche.