godaddy_website_builder_reviewThis post focuses on my GoDaddy Website Builder Review. Click here for a full review of GoDaddy if you’re interested in the domain registrar or shared hosting services they provide. You can also find more information on domains and hosting services here.

What Is The GoDaddy Website Builder

The website builder is a CMS, or content management system provided by GoDaddy. While most people originally use GoDaddy for their domain registration, the company also offers a suite of other product offerings designed for those new to the structure, design, and build of websites.

The Website Builder is, plain and simple, an interactive program that lets users easily construct a new website from scratch. The software has a number of different templates that a user can choose from, which allows anyone to build a site for any of a number of purposes: personal website, small business website, professional services website, online store, graphic design or portfolio website, etc.

My Take on the Website Builder

Given that the target audience of this feature is individuals looking to have a web presence for a first time, the system achieves its objectives. GoDaddy also makes setup and integration seamless, since most of its customers for the Website Builder also use their registrar and hosting.

The website builder is a great tool to have in your arsenal if you need to get a basic site up and running quickly. It is fairly straightforward to have a good-looking design with a few template pages published in just a few hours.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to incorporate any dynamic content, or are building a site that needs to be updated frequently over a period of time (such as a blog) then this would probably not be my first choice.

I found the system a little clunky to use, which is ok for a simple site, but would get very annoying very quickly for anything requiring more than a few pages.

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Alternatives to the GoDaddy CMS

The best alternative to GoDaddy for your website depends on exactly what your site needs are.

For blogging, I’d say your best bet is to stick with an established blog platform, such as WordPress. WordPress is well-established and has thousands of plugins that can add functionality to make your site more dynamic. If you need some functionality that isn’t in an existing plugin, the fact that it’s based on open source PHP, a robust programming language, means that you could always have custom work developed on top of the existing system.

If you go with WordPress, there are a number of easy installation options available from most hosting providers, including Dreamhost, HostGator and Arvixe, so setup and maintenance is rarely a problem.

If you’re truly looking to get your site up and running quickly, the best one-click option I’ve used is Wealthy Affiliate. While primarily an affiliate training company, Wealthy Affiliate also provides hosting and easy WordPress setup, streamlining site creation for new users. Click here to read more about Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope this post helps provide some clarity on the GoDaddy Website Builder. Good luck making your decision and let me know if you have any questions.